Draftie The Douro – the most romantic of rivers.

No matter where you go in Porto itโ€™s hard to escape the pull of The Douro. Throughout our exploration of Porto, we could almost always see this spectacular waterway and were drawn to it more than once during our short two night stay. During the day it sparkles as the most alluring backdrop while strolling […]

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Photography: Challenge of February – Two things ๐Ÿ“ธ
Photography: Challenge of February โ€“ Two things ๐Ÿ“ธ

February, the second month of my monthly challenge which I created to keep me motivated while working on my photography. I picked some random subjects and the subject for February was called โ€œTwo thingsโ€. Where to start Well this was a though month for me, to find subjects while bonded to your house and most […]

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Gran Canaria travel Adventures with Photo’s
Gran Canaria

Last week was my holiday and what a better way to find some sun whilst the Netherlands is covered with clouds,rain and lots of wind? I took my action cam with me, because action is guaranteed if you travel with me(in a non-sexual way, I know what you’re thinking). For the movie you have to […]

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