Little update from how things are going here. Sitting behind the computer still consumes a lot of energy… Don’t ask me why? But the #partiko app is doing some great work for me. During my daily vitamin D walks I open up Partiko while taking a rest in the sunshine. And besides that, I did even find a way to get a new Steemian onboard while not even actively participating yeah! My sister decided to sign up. What do you think: 1. she got bored with me telling about my Steem life or 2. do we have a winner and will she do some great things on the platform?

Blog: Just keep getting better, little by little, day by day! ?

How’s life

Well I can be simple about that. Quite boring, and I’m lucky some people do drop by every now and then to keep my day a bit different than only eat, sleep, walk and repeat. Many thanks to my girlfriend who is taking the train every weekend to my place to take care of me, do some shopping and bring me out because I’m not allowed to drive yet. Yes, all those things consume a lot of energy, but the sleeping is on repeat here.

Health inspection and lots of Vitamin D

Last weekend, it was on Saturday I had a visit from a company doctor send by my work. To see how things were going and how I would see my steps to reintegrate the working life. I do understand the needs for this kind of conversations but didn’t like the doctor his approach at all. Won’t bash about his way of working here further, there are better ways of using my energy!?
We agreed on starting to work again slowly while in the beginning working at home. Not using the car when it isn’t necessary. Will start with three hours a day after this weekend on Monday. These hours I can spread out all over the day so I can take my rest when needed. Yeah finally got to do something again! Curious how things will work out though… Still getting tired pretty quick while sitting behind a computer screen.

The day after my girlfriend took me out to the beach. We’ve had a short visit walking at the shore and enjoying the sun while resting, between the dunes seeking shelter for the light wind. Can’t tell with words how I enjoyed that afternoon with my girlfriend. Only got so tired so I wasn’t of any use at all while creating dinner and stuff. Sorry for that…!?

Bird enjoying the sun

During the week

Last week everything started to feel a bit better. The pain during the nights is softening a bit (only the last two nights it started to itch under my ribs… wraaaah! ?) so most of the time I’m sleeping better already. Good for the energy level and the fog clears a bit in my head

Talking about fog, I’ve been away on my bike today (alone). Yesterday I had my dad riding along with me, because I didn’t feel secure riding the first time alone. And the bike riding is exhausting but it does make you feel good. I can do my own shopping now again for food and stuff yeah!? The first day my dad and I did a small round we followed the canal, crossed the bridge at Wemeldinge and ride back at the other side where we crossed the canal again at my home by the sluice.

My dad and I
Failed panorama while riding my bike
Failed panorama while riding my bike

But talking about fog, today I was riding my bike alone and did some shopping for my dinner. I was riding back at the shores from the canal, when there was some fog rolling in from the sea, and two ships trying to stay ahead of it. So can’t let chances like these passing by without using the camera. So stopped and climbed down to the water to take this shot. Lovely view isn’t it?

Escape the fog

Even small things do count

Did even try to work a little bit on my challenge for February during my vitamin D walks last week. It’s a little thing that does show me that I can focus on small things again. But not showing these pictures in this post, they deserve their own!

Things are slowly getting better here! Last thing I need to say, thanks for all your nice messages, I really appreciate them! ?
Same for the people who do came by at my place to see how things were going last week, they cost a lot of energy but all visits are appreciated for sure. Thanks! ?

Hang loose I’ll keep you posted ?

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