Introducing a True Legend…

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been on Steemit for a year now. I do not want to write about my own results on the blockchain. Instead I want y’all to meet someone.
@smalltall, or T. has been my friend for years and very recently he got convinced to enter the blockchain on Steemit. I met him about twenty years ago during competitive swimming. It was the first out of many times that he was going to beat my ass that day.


He’s not the only one using @smalltall. You’ll quickly notice that he’s the tall part of the name and his lovely girlfriend is the less taller part. She has the skills many people dream of having. How they met and why they are on Steemit is something you can read on their introduction post.
They have uploaded their introduction post just now and I’m hoping you can give him as much Steemian love as I got from all of you. So a big shout out to these legends @smalltall


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