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who are small and tall?

In early 2015, three Dutch surfing nomads (@dboontje & @guchtere) went on a roadtrip with their windsurfing gear, a tent and a sense of adventure…

road trip
set up gear

In early 2015, on the other side of the world, an Australian girl left her home in Tasmania to take on the world solo. Taking a boat from Denmark to Iceland without any plan seemed both adventurous and romantic (and nothing she couldn’t handle with her summer jacket)…

small she is
before Iceland

Thankfully, somewhere between Denmark and Iceland, these two very different trips crossed paths. Despite different hemispheres, languages, cultures and heights, a tall-Dutch-wind surfing-adventurer saved a small-hitchhiking-summer jacket wearing-Tasmanian from a -12 degrees first night.

travel buddies
quite the scene

small was rescued by tall and, from that moment, the real adventure began


Katie: 26yo Australian expat living in The Netherlands; a designer, cook, gardener and avid explorer.



Toby: 29yo hardworking kid; a master renovator, ex-swimmer but still half fish, lover of everything active and motorbike fanatic.

benchmaking break


Together we explore the world both on and off the motorbike, renovate our 100yo house and navigate an international relationship and life together.

enjoying Belgium

We hope to post about the adventures we have around the world as well as closer to home. Meaning traveling, motorbiking, outdoor sports, renovating, designing, gardening and cooking are some of the things you can expect to see from us here on steemit. Katie has kept a space online for her travels that she uses to record her adventures and share her memories with family We would love any advice you have for how to get started in these topics so please get in touch!

We’re excited to see all the great content here on steemit and are very happy to be new members of this community!

a note from tall:

Must admit…I’m pretty into @steemmonsters already. It kept me up til 2am the first night – got any tips?!?

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