Last weekend it was the start of a new era in the Splinterlands world. The new Untamed cards got released. Don’t think anyone on Steem missed this particular event? Played the game many times last year. Helped me through the moments I couldn’t sleep there was always someone around to battle with or play a tournament.

Splinterlands: It’s the end of the current look and the beginning of a new era ?

Because of the many battles I played last year I become stuck in the rules from the pre-Untamed sets. Now with all the new cards a whole new world just started. Still can’t get my head around all the new tactics available. I think everyone recognizes this there are lots of “frustrations” at the moment when you lose a battle unexpected. ?

With the new era of the Untamed I also started opening new packages and I didn’t have much luck. Think that luck ended while I’ve won last Friday a Facebook competition…?
I didn’t have great goldfoils or legendary cards, but I can’t complain either. All the fun is in turning around the cards of course! The other fun part is in all the new possibilities and I have a few favorites, although I still need to learn playing these abilities in my advantage.

Ability What does it do Why I like it
When this Monster dies, it does 2 damage to all enemy monsters Simple I’d love to play my Death team and Cursed Slimeball has this ability and brings a great strategy from my point of view. It has only one life but put it in the front and it will instant take 2 HP from all enemy monsters. Can you imagine a better start during a fight?
All enemy Monsters target this Monster (if they are able to) Another thing I’d love to do is screw up other people their strategy. I think taunt will be a great strategy screw up.
Gains 1 max health each time any monster dies Already mentioned my favorite team is the Death team, but they don’t have many healing options like Earth does. With scavanger there is a new way of bringing back HP to a card. Luckily there is a Deatch card that has this ability
Monsters with the Opportunity ability may attack from any position and will target the enemy Monster with the lowest health This ability brings a new tactic about ruining other people their strategy, usually players place their low health cards (with the special (de)buffs) in the middle. with the oppurtunity ability you might have a chance to kill those cards first before they can even attack. Only downside, these cards do have some low HP as well.

Favorite cards

Like I mentioned above, my favorite team to play with is Death. When I started playing Splinterlands I really hated to play with this team. But thanks to @slobberchops and his strategies I started to appreciate this team more and more. So it can’t be a surprise that my favorite cards are from the Death Splinter. At the Life Splinter there is also a card that looks quite strong with this ability, it’s called Thunderbird.

Cursed Slimeball

This is my number one I think. But there is one downside… It starts to shine at level 6. So you need at least 100 cards to bring this card to it’s real potential. At level 6 it will gain the redemption ability. This one is a new kamikaze card, like the dwarf one in the Fire Splinter. For a common card I think this one will ruin a lot of strategies during epic battles. Fun fact, the Cursed Slimeball was designed by @yabapmatt’s son!

Dark Ha’on

Another one from the Death splinter, and I really think it starts to shine at higher levels. At level 2 you will get the scavanger ability. Imagine this one in a team with the Cursed Slimeball. Put the Slimeball in front and another low HP card after that one and then boom there you will place this Dark Ha’on. It already gained a few extra HP because of the cards that died. It is also a great card to play with the Earthquake ruleset because it has flying. I don’t own many cards with the flying ability for my Death team, so my plan was to start with this one.

Death Elemental

Think this one would make a good place in my team instead of Screaming Banshee. Both cost 3 mana to play the card, but I prefer the snipe abbility combined with silence and weaken at the higher levels. This way I can also leave Undead Priest at home if I need to. But the best combination in my eyes is the snipe and magic attack. What else could you wish for?


Last card from the Death splinter I really like. Let me introduce you to Maggots! It is a low mana card with two of the new abilities I like, Oppurtunity and Scavenger. It will attack the lowest health monster from any position in your team. So it’s low HP doesn’t affect it instant (or the other team must play oppurtunity as well?) but there is a bit of help once you brought the card to level 6. It wil gain the abilitty of scavenger. so every time a monster dies it gains 1 HP.

Feasting Seaweed

Well another oppurtunity card, and I think it would do well in my Water team. It ain’t my best team so it could use some pretty good cards and I think this is one of them. It has the oppurtunity ability from level 1 and by level 6 it will also gain the scavenger abillity. Seems to me the Water splinter is gaining some Deathly abilities in their team. Will cost you 4 mana to bring it in the game but it will start already with 2 HP so it won’t be death instant.


This card will reach it’s potential at level 6 but that is the time you will need it in the though battles at the Gold levels. This is a tank helaer that doesn’t attack. If I’m correct this one can’t be countered by Magic reflect or thorns abilities and the best part it will only cost 1 mana. So Lord Arianthus has meet a though competitor one it cannot kill in a direct battle? My favorite heales was always Wood Nymph but I think I’ve got a new favorite!

Khmer Princess

This card needs some time before it starts to shine. you need to gather enough cards to bring this one to at least level 4, at this level it will gain the Tank Heal ability. Can you imagine a card to play with only 2 mana cost and it will give Tank heal and also give you a magic attack of 1. You need to use this one behind a big tank like Flesh Golem from the Beta cards or maybe Kron the Undying from the untamed. But I think that card will shine better at the end of the line because of his Last Stand ability.

New rules

There are also some new gameplay rules added to the game. They added a few new Daily Quest rules for you to complete. I only got two uptil now. First one I skipped because there where no tournaments I could play for that day and the other one was to win your battles without using any neutral monsters. I also believe there is a Dragon quest now? Haven’t seen it yet but for winning that one I need to start working on my Dragon team. I always ignored that part of the game actually because it wasn’t a Splinter playable for your Daily Quests. But it seems to me that this has changed!

Another new “rule” I already had a few times during my battles is almost all the splinters disabled except for one or two. Pretty though if it ain’t your best team to play with. On the other hand you will also have a better idea of the team your opponent will use against you. So this new rule has two sides for me. Oh and is it me or are the Daily Quest teams always available for a battle you play? Other seasons I had many times the idea I was missing the team I needed to play for my Daily but didn’t have that idea this first week yet.

The design

I’m still not sure what I think about the design of the new cards. I really do like the drawings, but the cards are way to bright or something for my kind of taste. First thing I’ll always look at is the border with his bright colors and not the image from the card itself. Not sure if that is on purpose? Also when you need to choose your team I hate it when the borders aren’t all the same. It’s getting a little busy on the screen this way. I’ll play most of the times on my phone and I hope I just need to get used to this new style. Another problem with all the new cards… you’ll have a lot of them at your screen when you need to choose your team. I know you can select specific properties to narrow down the pile of cards a bit but there are still a lot to scroll through on a small screen.

The future

What will bring this Untamed edition for me in the future? I don’t know yet. For now the game has brought me many new rules and strategies to try out so that does looks promising. Also very curious to find out what kind of strategies other players will bring to the battlefields. I don’t think I will get to the Diamond III levels in this new season because I actually fail a lot with the new cards and game rules. but that’s ok, I learned playing the game the hard way, lost many battles and started to win a few before I reached to some higher levels.

What do you think about the new cards and rules in the Splinterland game? Already got some strategies you would like to share?

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