The reason to create this list was because of the post from @slobberchops. He ended his post with this line: “I challenge you to reveal the albums that changed your life!“. I enjoyed his list and I couldn’t resist and took the challenge to create my own.

10 albums that changed my life

Funny while I was thinking about albums that formed me as a person that those albums wouldn’t be particularly my favorites. During my younger years. I did listen a lot of music from the 80’s and 70’s but none of these albums mark milestones through the years. Wouldn’t say that I don’t like them less than the albums I listed here in this post.

Michael Jackson – Dangerous (released 1991)

The first CD I’ve ever owned, after my parents bought me a CD player for my birthday. Still in love with this album, bought it on vinyl during my trip in Slovenia. Think I need to write a post about this album. This one is for sure the most important in my life.

Hard to decide wich song I like the most from this album, because Michael did create many killer songs. But the album is opening with Jam, and you just have to listen to that song and experience the opener. It is one of the best openers from any album I know. One of the sexiest songs from this album is probably In the Closet. But Remember the Time is a winner when you can watch the clip that goes with it. Micheal created a piece of art with this song combined with the clip. Damn I almost forgot to mention Who is It!🙈 Just listen close to this song and you’ll be listening with goosebumps all over. Michael sings this song with so much passion and emotion.

Michael Jackson – Dangerous
Bought the album on Vinyl

Nirvana – Nevermind (released 1991)

Think I did hear this album a few years after its release. I got it by a nephew who copied some music on tape for me. He opened a whole new world for me after following my classmates always in the popular music from the time. This record is the record that changed the life of many including me. It was a day that would change the world of music, the day Nirvana released this record. I think a lot of people will call Nevermind a real masterpiece, and even now while listening. The numbers still work for me. Who doesn’t know the instant classic Smells Like Teen Spirit, or just dirty rocktracks like Breed and Territorial Pissing or catchy guitar songs In Bloom and Lounge Act or the introvert song Polly. Last one is one of my favorites of this record.

Nirvana – Nevermind

Zebrahead – Get Nice (released 2017)

The first album I did own on vinyl, when a new musical journey did start for me. You can read about this journey in one of my older posts wich I linked.

Zebrahead – Get Nice
Rik and I

2 Unlimited – No Limits (released 1993)

I was in the House music before I went to high school. One of the bands that I listened to most of the time during these years was 2 Unlimited. I went to them for my first concert, well actually not my first but my parents went to Clouseau and the kids needed to join so actually the Belgium band Clouseau has the honor of being first. I really loved the atmosphere and I wanted to go again! That is why my parents brought me to my favorite band while they had a concert in our area. I can tell you after their live performance I was hooked, I needed the energy from the crowd and the band performing. I keep asking my parents if we could go to another concert and another🙈.

Fun fact, I did even had a jazzballet performance on one of the songs from this album, it is called Mysterious. I hear you thinking jazzballet!? Yes I loved it, but unfortunately I had to choose at a certain moment between different sports. I could go training extra days a week for the competition swimming. But it was on the day I trained with the team from jazzballet. So I decided to quit and I did choose for the swimming.

2 Unlimited – No Limits

Ben Folds Five – Whatever and Amen (released 1997)

There is a link with Racoon and this band. I went to a lot of concerts with a bunch of people I got to know at the shows from Racoon. We are the so called “By Your Siders”. But they also introduced me to this guy, called Ben Folds. I never heard from the guy, and they were looking at me like WTF dude how could you have missed this!? Someone from the group did let me hear a CD from Ben. My first introduction to Ben was this CD from him and his band called Ben Folds Five. There I went with the first song called… One Angry Dwarf and 200 solemn Faces. I was sold, and I wanted more and more. Still can’t get enough from this awesome musician.

Ben Folds Five - Whatever and Amen
Ben Folds and I

Racoon – Till Monkeys Fly (released 2000)

These guys went to the same regular pub as I did. They even made a song about in on the CD after Till Monkeys Fly. This pub was everything for me. I started playing Magic the Gathering here, discovered many new bands here, made new friends and so on. But the guys from Racoon where something special. I’ve seen from up-close how just regular guys can turn into very popular stars (and they never changed while becoming famous) and how beautiful and ugly life of a musician can be. Still very proud I’ve seen these guys growing from local till national heroes on the stage. Even now the best song ever from the band is still on this album, called Blue Days.

Racoon – Till Monkeys Fly

Nerf Herder – Nerf Herder (released 1996)

Finally I was allowed to go on my own to a concert. No more concerts with my parents! I appreciate them a lot for doing this with me, but they wouldn’t go as much as a that I wanted to go. So finally, I had the age they allowed me to go on my own. Was great to see the band finally on stage and realize they were even better live. Even better one year later they returned to the Netherlands to a way smaller stage and we went bowling with the band after the show! Not the best album from this band but still the first one I did hear from them. The favorite album for me is still How to Meet Girls, followed by American Cheese. Why? Just listen to songs like Pervert, 5000 ways to die or Pantere Fans in Love and you’ll hear why. Just some fun nerd-rock!🤘

Nerf Herder – Nerf Herder
Nerf Herder and I

Ludovico Einaudi – Live in Berlin (released 2007)

My first proper introduction to classical music. I was already pretty open to a lot of music styles. But never took the time to start appreciating classical music. I was always listening rock songs from back in the days till modern ones. Till that moment when I did hear Ludovico Einaudi and his recordings from a performance in Berlin. I got some goose bumps and till today still pretty happy that I started to like and listen to classical music.

Ludovico Einaudi – Live in Berlin

Saybia – The Second You Sleep (released in 2002)

This was before all the meeting friend’s online area, but I’ve met a friend for life because of this band. We got chatting with each other in the train and discovered we both liked music. We started talking about Saybia and their pretty good song (The Day After Tomorrow) that was on its way turning into a hit for sure! But boy what where we wrong. The number didn’t even reach the Top40. Showed me again that good songs aren’t always turning out in hits. But we had a good laugh about it, and we went to several concerts of the band (and many other bands in the years after) in the Netherlands.

Saybia – The Second You Sleep

Acda en de Munnik – Naar huis (released 1998)

With the songs from these guys (actually a cabaret performance duo) I got close to a friend and without her I wouldn’t have never met my running mate (they’re a couple). But during the training in the pool we found out we both liked the songs from this duo. A few days ago I played this album while sitting in the car, and these memories started going through my head. So this album couldn’t miss on my list of important albums. Funny thing, me and my running mate totally don’t match with our music tastes, but the laughs are the best!

Best songs from this album for me are Het Regent Zonnestralen (sorry for the Dutch), Slaap zacht Elisabeth and Zwerf’on.

Acda en de Munnik – Naar huis
Thijs and I

End of the list, these were my 10 albums with some important milestones in my journey through the music and the journey still didn’t end! I hope to find more unknown bands, artists and hopefully they mark some beautiful milestones and expand the list. Maybe I should also try to create a list with the best albums instead of albums that did change some things during my life?🤔

PS. As you might have heard, I’m not 100% healthy at the moment. A reply at a comment can take a while. Sorry in advance for that… ?


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