New family brings new stories and new interests. That is what I discoverd a few days ago. My brother in law has a new girlfriend and she’s into photography atleast as much as I am. The only difference between us two? Well.. two young children who basically take away a lot of my freetime.

Ok, I do not want to blame my childeren because I cannot do without them anymore. However, spending time deep at night behind my camera has been years ago. This new “family member” if I can call here that way opened my eyes and interest again and challenged me to go out for longexposure photo’s.

Shutterspeed: 39 seconds ISO 1000 / F9
The photo above has been taken around midnight and as you can tell the moon was trying to peek threw the clowds.

Not so happy yet..

Shutterspeed 14 seconds ISO 800 / F2.8

Shifting the specs a whole lot hoping to find some differences I liked. Do you think this photo is better than the first one?

Shutterspeed: 100 seconds ISO 800 / F14

Since I was satisfied with my composition, the only thing left to do was using the wind in my favor. In this case a hundred second shutter speed added a little magic in my photo. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Do you want to see more longexposure photo’s?

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