Last weekend I was discussing with @dboontje how we could raise the amount of members from our Steemmonster guild. We’re currently at 10 members and almost there to raise our guild level up towards two. When we reach that level we can have 16 members on the team. Only 900 DEC to go.?

Splinterlands Art Contest

But back to the main problem of our guild. I don’t think members are looking at the lower guilds to join because the advantages from rewards aren’t that high yet. On the other hand, we don’t ask a minimal fee in DEC payments. It is a pay what you want subscription to join our team. All we want is to have some fun and we’re looking forward to the upcoming feauture called Guild Wars.

What did I do to raise the attention for our guild? Didn’t want to create posts all over to raise attention for our guild. First I Don’t have the energy at the moment to create that many posts. Second I don’t think my followers would like the same post over and over again.So I did think of an alternative, and the answer was actually right there in front of me. Because I’m a member in the team of @travelfeed. I have a banner for that great project in the footer underneath all my posts. This is the reason I did choose to create a banner the people from our guild could use in the footer of their posts. Members of the team feel free to use it at your own posts.

Creation process

I used one of my favourite cards to play as the main character Rexxie. Not that I play the card that often but the picture does always makes me smile. Our teamname is surfingnomad (the name of the blog of three friends @dboontje. @guchtere and @smalltall), so the designchoice for our banner is made easy I think. A character from the game needed to be on a board ready for a fight against another monster.

Surfingnomad Steemmonster Guild

First I wanted two characters on a surfboard on both sides of the banner but waves never crash into each other so I decided to skip that option and went for a water character that could battle from within the waters. One of my most used cards from my Water deck needed to play this battle namely Sea Monster! So headed out for a search for some proper images to use to make my life easy. Didn’t found Rexxie at once so I tracked a lower res image in Illustrator to create a vector image from this one. Worked out pretty well I must say. Sea Monster I did find available in a higher resolution. Is there actually any artwork we could use for free to create images for the game??

Last step to re-build the logo from the game with our teamname in it. I used the famous Whatthefont search engine to find out the font used for the original logo. One problem I believe the font the game uses is called Ruba. This is a paid font I don’t have in my font library. So I decided to use another one called Luckiest Guy.

Whatthefont Surfingnomad guild logo

Didn’t have the energy the draw something myself so I stumbled upon the (free to use) wave images from a designer called Macrovector and decided to use one of these, for a nice hand drawn touch just like the monsters.

Splinterlands Art Contest

Combined with some extra brushes the end result does look like this.

Surfingnomad Steemmonster Guild

Hopefully the banner and this contest will bring some attention to our guild. Maybe we can even welcome you as a new member!?

Current members of our team


PS. As you might have heard, I’m not 100% healthy at the moment. A reply at a comment can take a while. Sorry in advance for that… ?

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Steemmonster Guild

We’re a group of players who love the game and are waiting for the upcoming feature the guild wars. Surfingnomad is a guild where you decide how much you play and donate. Why donate? To grow our guild we need to raise a certain amount of DEC and Daily Quests to reach higher levels. When we reach the higher levels you will earn extra DEC rewards in ranked play but also get discounts in the shop. These discounts and extra DEC rewards depends on the level of the guild. Would you like to join us on the battlefields?

Surfingnomad Steemmonster Guild