Photography: Challenge of April – My favorite place ?

April, the fourth month of my monthly challenge is finally there! I created this challenge for myself to keep me motivated while working on my photography. I picked some random subjects and the subject for April was called “My favorite place”.

Better late then never, I hope you like them. Here we go! ?

April challenge: My favourite place

Around my house

I got a few favorite places in and outside my house for hanging around. A few of those places you guys already know by following my posts but I didn’t show them all. You can ask my girlfriend, about my Saturday mornings and my time consuming habit of reading the Saturday newspaper… She’s racing through the newspaper (compared to the time I need) and I’m reading it till the last letter. Best place and time is early in the morning sitting in my lazy chair in front of the window with a bit of sunshine in my neck. Newspaper in one hand, cup of coffee in the other what else do you need on a early morning? Thought about this spot while reading the newspaper, so the shot is taken with my Iphone. Nothing fancy just to create a picture from one of my beloved feelings. Couldn’t find another composition, maybe some readers have an idea, because I’m not reading a paper version but the digital one on my tablet. While using a composition showing me in the chair you can’t see me reading the newspaper because I’m holding a tablet…?

Another favorite place I’d love to spend some time is under a hot and steamy shower. My bathroom is nothing fancy, but I love the double shower I’ve got. Won’t trade that for any bathtub for sure! I think you can see @eveuncovered inspired me while doing this one. Oh and @eveuncovered you already had my respect with your pictures, but by producing this shower-selfie I had to overcome some troubles. Needed to stick my strobe to the ceiling with duct tape, but that disabled my infrared trigger so I needed to use my cheap Ebay radio triggers, but they couldn’t handle the steam… No a cold shower is definitely not an option! ? Don’t want to know what lightning troubles you need to overcome to be so productive in your apartment and always trying out new sets.


Falling In Love With A Country

Many of you following me already for a while will now about my love for one specific country. I’d love to travel but there is one country that stole my heart during my surftrip there in 2015 together with @dboontje and @smalltall. That country is Iceland, created a post about the love for this country almost a year ago. It was the plan to return this year, and despite my health I still hope I’ll return later this year!

Weird how you can fall in love with a country, with no warmth at all at first sight. But look again and you will see the warmth and beauty this land has to offer. So I tried to create a shot that shows the love I’ve got for this country while sitting here at home. Was planning to create some gimmick lightplay in my coffee cup, but I didn’t have the speed, or extra hands to create that magic. The plan was to create some figures painted by light in my coffeecup to create a dreamy hint to this country. But the cut out figures I couldn’t figure out a stand that could hold the papers at the right distance from my strobe so that it was visible in the coffee.



Let’s face it, every man has a favorite place to go, mine is for sure the beach. This is my place where I can captive my mind, and I feel myself comfortable and safe. It is also a place where I can throw away some thoughts and concerns that keeps sticking in my mind, just clear your head and be one with the wind. I think you can say it is a mood changer for me.

A lot of hobbies I have, did found their origin at the beach I assume… Swimming, surfing, running, even photography. The horizon can take you to other worlds when the sunset is calling it a day with those bright sparkling colors. All the wideness does make you feel small and the world very big. While you hear the waves smashing and the wind blowing all you can do is wondering what is hidden behind all those colors at the horizon. It makes you want to explore all those unknown worlds hidden behind it.


Preserve your beauties

Why are people taken photo’s everywhere? The main purpope is to capture moments, and treasure your memories for a specific time, happening, location anything. At least that is the main reason I’m taking pictures. I came by this idea actually by accident while doing the double exposure not so long ago inside my camera. It did remember me at a series created by Christoffer Relander. He started a project to create an excuse to visit places from his childhood, long forgotten and not visited. I didn’t want to use the double exposure function again, but it was a challenge to create nice pictures from those empty jars. Christopher painted his jars black, I wanted to try it without using paint, but Photoshop my world in the Jar afterwards. So I had to get the jar as clean as possible so I could take a picture from it. Took me a dozen of shots before I got my strobes in the right way to make the glass attractive. After that it was a simple blend exercise in Photoshop but I’m very happy with the results!

Bottle of Iceland
Bottle of beach
Bottle of holiday

My pick

I think I like the places in a jar the most of all the pictures I’ve taken, But the shower picture was a lot of fun playing around with the strobe in a wet environment…?
While looking back this was a subject that wasn’t easy for me to produce the images, because I couldn’t find proper compositions. While hanging out in the shower and while reading my newspaper none of the compositions came out as I wanted them to be… But those are my beloved places around the house so I needed them! That’s the reason why I like the pictures from the preserved beauties the most I assume. Had some difficulties to overcome but the pictures came out as I expected them to be.

Looking forward to the next challenge subject called “A place you’ve never been”. No ideas yet how to create shots at places where I’ve never been but I’ll find a way.

Hang loose ?

PS. As you might have heard, I’m not 100% healthy at the moment. A reply at a comment can take a while. Sorry in advance for that… ?

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