February, the second month of my monthly challenge which I created to keep me motivated while working on my photography. I picked some random subjects and the subject for February was called “Two things”.

Photography: Challenge of February – Two things ?

Where to start

Well this was a though month for me, to find subjects while bonded to your house and most of the times too tired to do other things. So I tried to combine my daily vitamin D walks with some photography. I ordered even a new backpack with a hip belt to get the load from my chest. Not walking every day with my gear but for a small walk it is doable for now. Try to combine the bad with the good things in life! ?

My first thoughts for this challenge where with couples, like pepper and salt, apples and pears. But while doing this I found out that an amazing still life takes a lot of work and concentration (something I totally don’t have at the moment), you need to prepare the best circumstances for your subjects to let them shine. Another challenge would be to tell a story with your subjects in the leading roles in the picture that eventually follows.

Still life I’m trying to show here is actually how my head is in the clouds the whole day because I’m feeling like that with my drugs and my thoughts running anywhere with me. Thinking about what is wrong, and traveling away in my head to all those countries I’ve never been too looking for adventures. So that was basically the idea. But how do you work this out? Well I asked my parents for same colored paper and cotton and some creative lightning with some light filters will do the rest I hope. Here you can see a small part of the setup, and the next two pictures where my best results.

Stairway to heaven
Stairway to heaven

Discover new possibilities

During the month, I started to think all the possibilities I started to miss with my life at the moment (some amazing winds where visiting the Netherlands…). So while sitting at the couch I was checking the menu’s of my DSLR and even after ten years it still surprises me. I found out about the multi exposure option in my camera. So started to explore this option. Found out you can select older images or images you just load on your memory card. So that is what I did while I shot a new portrait. So without Photoshop you can create some interesting pictures that do look Photoshopped but it is actually done in camera.

Discover new possibilities

Not the best picture I’ve ever created, but my monthly challenge wasn’t even finished yet, although February seems to be a short month with its 28 days. So plenty of time ahead and I started to look around while doing my daily walks.

No one is really alone

When I started to look around during my daily walks I found a lot of groups formed by different kind of subjects. These groups were made by human hands or nature, and could be found anywhere. And when you think of two things you can start thinking in couples.

Splitted pole
Two rocks

Life is full of contradictions

But if you can say couples than contradictions should count too. I found one beautiful example while walking under a clear sky but in the distance a rainfront formed above the water. There was a lot of wind so I tried to smoothen the water with my ND filter, but the wind is still visible in the rotating blades from the windmills. Because everyone thinks at the old wooden mills when they think of Holland I tried to compensate the modern tech with a old grunge Black and White look.

February challenge: Two things

Well there it was my winner for this month totally unexpected but this picture does mean a lot for me and shows actually pretty good how my life does look like at the moment.

Next month

March will be with a theme I still didn’t figure out completely because I try to keep all the chaos out of my life but I’m sure things will sort out and I’ll come up with at least one good picture.

PS. As you might have heard, I’m not 100% healthy at the moment. A reply at a comment can take a while. Sorry in advance for that…. ?

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