June, the sixth month of my monthly challenge which I created to keep me motivated while working on my photography. I picked some random subjects and the subject for June was called “High Angle. It is a subject we photographers and videographers always learn while searching for a fresh composition, try to go low or go high with the camera for a unique point of view. What would you have done with this subject? Please let me know!

Photography: Challenge of June – High Angle ?

Top down/Drone

Like I mentioned in my last post, the breading season is over so I could use my drone for this month! Yeah I’d love to see the landscapes from above for some unique perspectives. Here in the flat country called the Netherlands it brings some beautiful perspectives a photographer won’t be able to get those shots with a normal camera and a tripod. There are no mountains to reach a higher point in the landscape. Some dikes and hills maybe but that’s it. So That is one of the reasons I’m happy with my drone. And it is just fun to fly ofcourse. Allthough many people would react positive while you’re flying a drone, some of them are a bit negative. They think you will harm their privacy, or thinking they know the rules about flying the dronein that area and will try to start a discussion with you… But luckily most of them are just as curious to see the landscape from above as you are!?

But I tried to be creative and not only make use of my drone for these unique angles. One day I was ucky at my girlfriend her place, while I was looking out the window and noticed this beautifull reflection in a pool of water on the roof from the sky above. It was just after a heavy rainfall after a long dry period where the sky was abut to change back to blue clear sky. I was happy my camera was inside my reach so I could instantly take the shot!

Upside Down


High angle or low angle landscapes? These two options are most of the time THE question for shooting landscapes and photographers are sometimes found to be stuck between the two angles. So most of the times photographers will use a high angle composition for landscapes while they are on higher grounds and will include a large part of the sky in the composition. This will certainly give the viewer a majestic feel but sometimes you need to look beyond this classic composition and try to exclude as much sky as possible. Why? Because you can bring the attention to the most important part of your image, the landscape itself!

So I tried to shoot some landscapes without too much sky included in the composition. I hear you thinking again that shipwreck!? Yes it is one of the best spots in my area to create some pictures from a higher angle because your standing on a dyke. But also to capture some nice colors in the mud while the sun is setting. Or shoot some rocks while the tide is changing.

I’ve also been a few times to my girlfriend her place and we did visit the Posbank one evening because the heather started to bloom. To bad it was a rainy evening but it was sill beautifull to see all the purple tones again. To bad this moment only last for a few weeks before it al turns back to brown colors again. During my stay in Wageningen I did the same Vitamin D walks as I do at home and I prefer to walk along the water. Lucky me Wageningen has a river just outside the city where I noticed some beautifull colors from a higher viewingpoint.

Birds by sunset
Frozen waters
Heather landscape


We can learn a lot from the styles used to shoot some portraits in movies. With a high angle portrait filmmakers will try to make a subject appear vulnerable or small. This is also often called the bird’s-eye view

Looking at the exact opposite situation, the high angle can be used to make a subject appear small or vulnerable. Commonly known as the ‘bird’s-eye view’, shots like these may be used to signal that a subject is in danger or has lost dominance in their environment. Add a Dutch angle and something bad is almost certainly about to happen.

Example: A child is photographed while they sit scared in a corner. By capturing the image from a high angle, the child looks small and weak. The high angle tells us that the subject being photographed is small when compared to the rest of the world.

One of my favorite directors of all time uses the high angle shots a lot in his movies. This man called Alfred Hitchcock uses these type of shots a lot when the main character realizes there is some terrible stuff going on, his other signature is when a person is depressed or in a crisis. One of my favorutie scenes is in the movie Shadow of a Doubt when Charlie realizes that her uncle is a serial killer!

Watch the scene and look how amazing the camera moves slightly up and backwards. Now I filmed my sister her wedding I do notice the camera shaking. I bet they hadn’t proper gimballs back in the days??

Ok enough about some of my favourite movies back to the photos! I couldn’t create a little Charlie scene in my own house… But I hope you like the other portraits I created

Looking into nowhere

My pick

Upside Down
Upside Down

You have to cherish your luck every now and then, so that is why I picked the lucky shot as the winner. Very happy how it turns out with the blue and dark sky. With the bubbles in the water floating around like little bright stars. I admit the photo isn’t very technical and was a real quickshot but sometimes these pictures do turn out very well.

Next month will bring this challenge to a valuable subject called friends! With this new subject I hope to show some emotions/relationship and what else would pop up into my mind. Maybe you have some inspiring ideas for me, feel free to share them in the comments.

PS. As you might have heard, I’m not 100% healthy at the moment. A reply at a comment can take a while. Sorry in advance for that… ?

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