Photography: Challenge of March – Chaos ?

March, the third month of my monthly challenge which I created to keep me motivated while working on my photography. I hear you thinking March… We’re at the end of April!? Well better late than never I always learned, and yes I’m a bit late with my challenge from March. I’m fully aware we’re already at the end of April, I’m starting to run behind at my challenge posts…

I knew I was running behind and needed to create the post about March but I didn’t find any time/energy to work on my pictures for the subject of April either. The subject for April is kind of confronting (no excuse!) as a stranded traveler with the title “My favorite Place” ?. Only thing I did for April was trying out some compositions but they didn’t work out the way I expected. So still working on those, but guess I’m running out of time on this one ? But we’re still in April so first my post about the March challenge!

March challenge: Chaos

I think I succeeded with the subject Chaos and would love to present the results to you all. March is normally a month full of new life, spring is about to start. Every living thing want to start fresh and remove the chaos out of its life. Birds do create new nests, people start to clean their houses and so on.

For me the chaos subject was fun to play with, and I tried just like last month different styles to get out of my comfort zone and create some pictures I would do otherwise. Already showed one of the pictures in my last post. Normally the sunsets I shoot are with longer shuttertimes, so actually you get rid of the chaos in a picture. All the movements smoothed out but this time I used the movement to create chaos. Like I mentioned in my health update, I’ve been to the beach with my girlfriend to look at the sunset. At that time nature started playing with us and created chaos by failing on us with the sunset and throws out some fog. But I also found out that you can find chaos everywhere, I think only humans try to be organized?
Well better get started and let’s take a look where I found all my chaos pictures!

No chaos yet

I think everyone knows these moments, you’re looking at something, can be a subject or a scene happening in front of you. Doesn’t matter but at the time you look at it, your mind will create a scene in your head because you will know how that will end… indeed with CHAOS!

Another splash

Re-arranged by nature

While living by the sea, I can witness the power of nature every day, again and again. Every day the water reveals other things, cracked, re-ordered, High and low tide are powerful enough to replace a lot of heavy things I can’t lift by myself. If not than there are always some good storms to put some extra pressure on things. Not only water is that powerfull but ice can be that destructive too. Only I couldn’t find a picture around my home that could show the power of ice. I know I can put some beer in the fridge and it will splash out of the can, but not in the condition to deliver myself some extra cleaning work.


Created by nature

Nature takes things from us, but it also gives some beautifull chaos every now and then. For example with the Sahara sands blowing through the sky all over Europe creating skies full of color. Another thing nature brings us every year again and again during spring is full chaos when everything is blossoming, All the trees, flowers, start to create new life. Amazing to see, although it creates another chaos for me… Certain trees start blossoming and my immune system don’t like them so it is also that time of the year with some hayfever!??

Sand is in the air

Made by man

But with all the solutions every human knows to organize stuff, we still love to see some chaos in our everyday life. I have a carpet to remove chaos (echo) while listening to music in my room. But the carpet itself is a total mess with bright coloured hair so it always gives me a smile while looking at it. On the waterside of the Dike we always place some big rocks, but they won’t always align perfectly by their shape. So while looking up close it looks like a big mess, but this way creatures can live in between the stones


You know these times all a man needs is rain but nature won’t give it to him because the only thing that guy wants is to take a picture… So you create the messy texture from rain while cleaning your shower and play a bit with different light angles and see what shadow and light will add to the droplets on the glass ? Can’t explain why, but I’d like to dream away looking at a window while it is raining and see how all those different droplets find their way to the bottom of your window unorganized but with one rule, gravity always wins.



I’m happy with the results for this month. Again I found a way to step out of my comfort zone. Either taking pictures with my Iphone and present them here or trying out new techniques I think it worked out pretty well in the end. My winner is shot on my Iphone. Wasn’t intend to shoot but sometimes everything comes together at the right place and time when the sunset sucks!?

My favourites

Sorry needed to pick at least one sunset this month Never thought I would like some grass waving in the wind
My winner!

Next month

April… I know it is already the last day of that month, and I’ve got the ideas for the pictures in my head. Just need to find some good compositions to make them attractive. But it is an inspiring theme (My favourite Place) , will you join me at my April challenge, there is still some time left! ?

PS. As you might have heard, I’m not 100% healthy at the moment. A reply at a comment can take a while. Sorry in advance for that… ?

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