Just recovered from my first Dutch Steem meetup! Naaah kidding it wasn’t as exhausting as Steemfest was for me, but the amount of fun was the same. Meeting other Steemians has something special. Back than in Krakow I was blown away, now I knew what I could expect!

Photography: Dutchies&Co Meet-Up and some wandering through Rotterdam  ?

We’ll meet again

This was the second meetup, and sad enough I missed the first one. The last meetup was a success I think, because @soyrosa and @brittandjosie did organize another one. First, we were about to meet in the same bar as last time. But we had to switch from bar because the first one was redecorating the place. Was that our fault from the last time that they are redecorating now?

First it wasn’t sure I could make this one, because of @dboontje his exposition and another appointment I could reschedule thankfully. So we (@dboontje and I) got in the car early in the morning, and we were on our way to Rotterdam!

On our way

Winners begin early?

@dboontje and I arrived, and we were the first people in the bar. Not on purpose actually, because we had actually planned to walk around the city of Rotterdam first. But it was raining cats and dogs today. So while we were playing hide-and-seek with the rain, we decided to walk towards the bar where we would meet the others today. We’ve seen Central Station and walked through de Markthal but (that was a bit to early during the day), there were almost no people. Both places you can shoot while you also have some spots where you can shelter for the rain.☔

Central Station
Central Station
Central Station
Central Station

At the Markthal we decided to grab a coffee and a large piece of pie as a starter for today. That was already a sign of no diets today! Think none of the Steemians had this idea about following his/her diet? Talking about diets, @route-m-d hope you liked the Dutch snacks? So awesome to meet you guys at a Dutch meetup. Who would have thought!? When you guys are ready, and the weather is changed a bit towards more sun and higher temperatures please send me a message. @dboontje and I would love to show you guys our area. Maybe you even want to try some surfing? Did you guys hitchhike back? Yes, you read that correct these guys hitchhiked from Leiden to Rotterdam, after being only for a week here in the Netherlands.

Apple pie
First Drinks
THE bar


Didn’t talk with everyone, yes you read that correct… failed it again to talk with @exyle properly for example just like at Steemfest. Luckily, we now had a short talk just before saying goodbye. Next time a longer talk about monsters and everything else!? @s3rg3 is more or less the same story, some quick words at the end of the day, sorry about that man. But I’d love to read that you enjoyed the beers!

Some other special guests I did have some talks to this day were @detlev and @arcange So good to see you guys again after Steemfest.

The other guys I did talk a lot with where of course @brittandjosie, so good to meet you finally. We already had some small talks commenting our way through the world of Steem but there you were finally in real life and girl you rock? even though you forgot the hagelslag (that one will be for the next meetup!). And I want to know more about the group you’re in together with @route-m-d, the so called #powerhousecreatives.

Only said hi to @buzzbeergeek, you were way to far on the other side of the table while I was talking with @tonyz, @dboontje, @pundito and @hans001. Hope to see you soon somewhere else. But I guess that would be somewhere on a Beersaturday? ?

@brittandjosie you said it yourself in your topic, we were allowed to use your pictures. So I’ll post a few thumbnails here and place a link to your post so people can see the bigger ones. Thanks for the pictures inside, although @dboontje and I brought our gear with us I never thought about taking pictures…? Lucky for us you brought your selfiestick! @soyrosa we didn’t talk enough to each other, so we need to schedule a time and date to grab the fries you talked about in Krakow.


@dboontje and I weren’t the ones closing the doors today, like I normally love to do, but the rain stopped, and we wanted to do some night photography from the different views in Rotterdam.

So, we said goodbye to everyone and walked out on our way to the Swan. The bridge I recently posted a photo from with a nice sunset while I was there together with my dad.

Today everything exists to end in a photograph

During our little nighttime walk, we’ve been to the swan, the Willemsbrug, Markthal and at some other places we stopped while walking to our subjects that night. I hope you like the results from our little tour.

Looking through

For your reading pleasure

If your interested what the other attendees thought about the meetup today, you can read their posts here:

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