Got a small upgrade for my photography gear. Just scrolling around the web I came across a brand I’ve never heard of before. The brand is called K&F Concept. They create very different accessories like bags, tripods, mount adapters and lens filters. By the last category I came across this brand while scrolling the web.


The prices they ask are way cheaper than any filter I could buy from other brands like NiSi or Lee for example. That’s why I got a bit curious, to see if they could match the quality from the NiSi filters. I already did a review from the NiSi filter set I bought myself as a Christmas present. This time I took the step and took the plunge into the depths and bought myself a K&F Concept 6 stops ND filter. If this filter does what it should be doing I will be more than happy to buy some extra filters!😎

The ND 6 stop filter

Don’t know how you react while the postman delivers a package at your doorstep. But opening a parcel always takes me back to childhood (whatever age I’ll ever be I guess). While the K&F Concept might not be the most expensive filter on the market, you can’t tell that when looking at the package it comes with. The filter is safely fit in a cardboard box. The lid from the box is magnetically hold in place and when you open the lid the filter is packaged in a leather case. On the inside of the lid there is a manual how to take out the filter from the case.Underneath the case there is a small user guide how to make use of a ND filter.

The filter itself does show a bit greener while compared by my NiSi ND 10 stop. But the darker the filter gets more chance for a slight colorcast there is. So it ain’t that weird that the NiSi does show a bit more colorcast.

For the best testresults I should actually use a tool like a xrite colorchecker. This way I can see how colors would differ from each other. But to bad I don’t own one of these. The prices they are asking… Well I can’t afford spending it on a tool I don’t use on a regular base.

The filter comes with an impressive packaging for the price! There is a nice cardboardbox with a magnetic closing so that feels pretty luxury. This feeling does even gets better when you open the box and you will find the filter inserted in a leather padded case.


In my bag I won’t use the case because I’ve got one in my bag that fits all the necessary items like multiple filters, adapter rings, the filterkit from NiSi, some cloths and a couple of old screw on filters (just in case you never know).

Without filter
NiSi filter
KF filter
Without filter NiSi filter K&F Concept filter

The ND10 filter

The fun fact in this filter buying quest. I did actually first send @dboontje the link to the filter starter set. The moment after I send him the message with the shop url, I ordered myself the 6 stop filter. In the starter package @dboontje ordered there is a 10 stops ND filter. @dboontje will you show off some examples created by your filter?

Last weekend he came over to my place so we could watch the F1 race at Imola. But @dboontje did also brought along his filterset. So that way I could easily compare side by side the 10 stop Nisi by the 10 stop K&F Concept. Same as with the ND6 filter the ND10 is a bit greener looking when you compare them hand by hand. See the next picture for the differences.

ND10 filters

And I do know by now, why there is no gasket at the back of the filter. This gasket is to keep out the light while attached to a filter holder. The K&F Concept kit holder has a gasket build in.

Nisi filter
KF filter
NiSi filter K&F Concept filter
Nisi filter
KF filter
NiSi filter K&F Concept filter


Think I can begin my conclusion with the best motivation to indicate how good they are. I’ve ordered a new filter from K&F Concept! With this kind of quality for these low prices it is just a bargain. Couldn’t resist and ordered the reverse GND ND8 filter. Perfect to capture the sunsets and risers with the highlights the most intense around the horizon and getting darker in the frame at the top and bottom. Should be delivered any day now, and luckily were ending the summer with some beautiful weather forecasts here in the Netherlands.

Back to the ND64 filter version. I was impressed with the quality from the total package these filters arrive with. While using them the filter has an easy to correct minimal color cast. The color cast is very lightly noticeable when compared to the raw images without any filter in front of the lens.

– Almost no color cast
– Luxury leather case

– Doesn’t offer any specific protection against light leak. A foam gasket could be helpful here to block the very last bit of light entering behind the filter when in a filter holder from other brands.
– Glass filters (just don’t drop them)

As always, I’m available for any questions that come to your mind about these filters or how to use filters. Are you looking forward to a review from the reverse GND filter I ordered as well?

I’m ending this post with some pictures created by the help of some filtermagic. Hope you’ll like them!


PS. As you might have heard, I’m not 100% healthy at the moment. A reply at a comment can take a while. Sorry in advance for that… ?


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