I’m not a people shooter, yeah standard touristic selfie stuff but not a portrait shooter from people while being on the road. So had to search through my travel pictures to find one that would suit the theme for this contest hosted by @lightcaptured. Think I did manage to find a picture that suits your contest. But most fun of this part was scrolling through my travel pictures while it brought back all those good memories.

This one is from a round trip through Morocco together with @dboontje. I believe this was our first bigger trip together? One of the things I still remember from this trip, the beautiful cities of kings we’ve seen. The medinas are crowded with people, it is difficult to find a quiet spot. One of the King cities we visited was Meknes, and the crowd was a little bit less here than in the other cities. At least for me it did feel like that. Think that is because Meknes its origin is that it started as a small town in the province. But because of a sultan called Moulay Ismail who changed it into a beautiful city surrounded by walls and gates, I believe there are twenty big gates. The most famous gate of them all is the gate of Bab Mansour.

This picture is taken in Meknes at the square in front of that gate. We watched the liveliness on the square behind a big glass of juice after a day of wandering through the medina. Great to see all the people crawling like giant ants and doing their thing all without even knowing what other people do. Everyone is just focused on themselves and doing his or her things. And while we were taking some snaps from the rooftop, there she was! This woman was enjoying the liveliness from the square together with the little girl. They even hold still while everyone around them just kept moving. Really loved the moment, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The picture for the contest

In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you
In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you

About the competition

A competition founded by @lightcaptured. He does try to change the subject every new round, last round the subject was Landscape. I joined that round with a photo from Neist Point, the famous lighthouse at the Isle of Skye.

Rules are simple:
– The topic for this edition is: People in the City
– Create a new post with one photo
– Use ONLY your own original work, plagiarism will be flagged and reported
– No NSFW images
– Use the hashtag #travelphotocontest
– Mention @lightcaptured in your post, for example: “This is my entry for the #TravelPhotoContest by @lightcaptured”
– Adding your personal touch, a short story, the location, EXIF data, etc. is not obligatory but will definitely make your entry much more appealing and increase its chances of success
– Reply at the original post from this contest

You see not the hardest rules to be part of the competition. Will you join this contest together with me?

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