Photography: The fog began to lift, what adventures will it reveal? – Peoplephotography by worldcapture week 14

We’re already halfway the first month of this new year, and my life is still feeling like a wild river, but I’m getting into more peaceful waters nowadays. marked in my agenda as in not available. That week I’m going on an adventure again with the boys (Dennis and Toby). Will be our first trip together since we left Iceland in May 2015… After that I’ve been away multiple times with Dennis (@dboontje), but actually no more trips for the three of us together. So really looking forward to this one!

The reason this came through my mind was because of the story I read @coruscate her blog earlier this week. There is some sort of a 10 years challenge, where you compare yourself back then by the person you became nowadays. This won’t be the story about my life during this challenge, but it inspired me with a picture for the photocontest from @worldcapture ?



Iceland was for sure one of my biggest adventures during those ten years, although this is only almost four years ago. I was lucky enough to do this trip with two amazing guys and I consider myself lucky that I can call them my friends! Iceland brought us closer together I really believe that. After those weeks in Iceland we were even better friends than before the trip, we had new stories to tell and share memories we will never forget.


For our next trip we didn’t set a destination (the way I like it the most!), although that might come later, we will see. But I do know for sure it will bring us some beautiful stories to tell again. And we will need them, because Toby is leaving towards Tasmania to build a new life there together with his girlfriend. The girl he met because I started talking to her at the ferry on our way to Iceland. Will bring him his biggest adventure ever I think (and for me an opportunity to visit Tasmania with a local guide!). ?

The best part, I can start dreaming about new unknown adventures this year! The first date is set and I can’t wait. Till that time, cheers to some beautiful pictures and many photo contests and my friends ?

This is a competition founded by @worldcapture. I’m loving this guy his work. Please took a look at his profile or even better participate at the compeition he is arranging every week.


Rules are simple:
– One entry per person per week
– Only use your own work
– Use the tag – #Peoplephotography
– No nude photography
– Separate post for your entry (not in the comment section)
– Tag @worldcapture in your post

You see not the hardest rules to be part of the competition. This weeks post about the contest.

The picture for the contest

The fog began to lift
The fog began to lift, what adventures will it reveal?

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