So far so good!! A huge success is what I can call the trip

Going with on holiday with my buddies @smalltall and @guchtere has been something I havent done in years. This year was going to be difficult because of time and because of health. Luckily we made it to the Ardennes and we brought the tent.

In this photo I want to show you what we’ve done so far. Small waterfalls and kreeks with a strong current represent exactly what keeps us busy.
@smalltall brought an action cam and a drone, @guchtere brought his DSLR and drone and I have an action cam and my DSLR as well.
This specific photo is taken with my action cam and hopefully you like it as much as I do.

Template Dennis surf

Meanwhile we play some card games, drink a beer or two and have a good laugh bringing up stories we’ll never forget.

Thanks @lightcaptured for organising this contest. I already spotted some beauties (and their photos as well 😉 )

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