Hi dearest Steemians,

I’m testing the Steemit Blockchain for it’s generousity.
Today @guchtere challenged me to play Steemmonsters. I’d told him I’ll login today, but I won’t spend any Steem just yet.
Meanwhile, my buddy @smalltall did the exact same. However, he immediately bought the starters package to get a quick boost.

Now My Guestion

Is there someone in this generous world who’s willing enough to DoNaTe Steemmonster cards to me?
Let me know and lets kick some ass in the Steemmonster world. I’ll make sure I keep you updated how your cards help me to rock the world of cards! And of cours an upvote/follow.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. Feel free to leave a comment, resteem and upvote this post. It is highly appreciated.