Last month I had some luck, I did win a surfboard. I hear you thinking what has a surfboard to do with taking pictures from the flowering heather? Well for this “small” roadtrip, I asked @dboontje if he wanted to be my driver for the day to pick-up the board at the shop from Brunotti. Just a week before I did show him already some pictures from the flowering heather and he was impressed by the beauty from it. So I asked if we could combine the day with taking some pictures during sunrise or sunset from this area nearby the sport shop.


That area is called the Posbank, and it is pretty famous on Instagram these days with all the hazy purple sunrisers. We were already looking close to the weather predictions the week upfront and hoping for some fog during sunrise. The predictions did seem to be pretty good looking, but as in windsurfing we don’t control the weather you have to take what nature delivers.

What area did we visit?

The Posbank is a small part from one of the biggest National Parks in the Netherlands called the “Veluwezoom”. The area has a size from approx. 48 square kilometres. The most famous part is called the “Posbank”. This is a little hill from almost 90m high. From this viewing point you have some amazing views over the rolling hills in the landscape that for Dutch definitions is pretty exceptional. You can even see parts of Germany when the sky is clear. But all this doesn’t matter when the heather starts to flower at the second half of August.

For a very short period once a year, people only care about the purple glow covering the whole area at specific moments of time like during a sunrise or sunset. After this we have another beautiful thing happening for photographers the mating season (rutting) from the deer’s. Too bad you can’t combine these two seasons particularly well.


The area’s its origin is from a really long time ago during the ice age called the Saale Glaciation. It is from approx. 130.000 till 230.000 years ago. This ice age has been very important for the Dutch landscape we know nowadays. The land ice coming from Scandinavia crawling to the south had such an enormous pressure on the ground that it pressed the bottom out of its way. With this pressure it created moraines and small hills we still can see in parts of the Netherlands like the Veluwe, Veluwezoom and the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. Nowadays there is no ice anymore, but lots of forests and of course fields covered with heather.

Our roadtrip

We decided two days in advance to go for a sunrise session because the weather predictions where perfect for fog rolling through the small hills. The alarm did ring 3.00AM that morning and @dboontje was there to pick me up. On our way to the other side of the country we already got very excited by all the whisps of fog we drove through. But I think I did use all my luck with winning the board. Because once we did arrive there was no fog to be seen…

First stop
Where is @dboontje? Sunflares Waaaay after sunrise
Sunflares Sunflares

For the great views it didn’t matter, it is still an amazing view purple as far as the eye can see. But the mystique setting with the help of some fog we missed in our pictures that day. We can’t enter the area before sunrise by car, so we had to park down the hill and climb our way up. Once we reached the top, we had to spot some nice locations for our pictures. Just in time we installed our tripods and enjoyed the sunrise. Think that is the reason why I prefer a sunset. During sunset it always seems to me you have more time for taking pictures from different scenes.

Closeup @dboontje shooting closeups Closeup
Wild horse Wild horse
Shooting horses
As you can see @dboontje created a bond of love with horses during his recent trip

After the sunrise I needed to recharge my own battery and regain some energy before we could go to our next stop and pick-up my surfboard. The shop wasn’t a real surf shop, but they are one of the biggest shops that sell Brunotti gear (mostly clothes). The giveaway was because Brunotti had its 40th anniversary. They created a giveaway on Facebook, which I joined earlier this year. Dreaming about go out and travel again, I was thinking about Iceland of course?. I posted one of my Iceland pictures where the tent was pitched near the shore and the gear was lying around the tent with the comment that I would love to create a new adventure in Iceland with a different kind of surfboard.

Giveaway Social media picture

Ofcourse the shop wanted a picture for their Social Media. Just a small price you have to pay for picking up a brand new board? For now the board is in my living room, just to motivate me day by day to become fit and healthy again!?
I hope you did enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed this trip.?

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