Last week was my holiday and what a better way to find some sun whilst the Netherlands is covered with clouds,rain and lots of wind? I took my action cam with me, because action is guaranteed if you travel with me(in a non-sexual way, I know what you’re thinking). For the movie you have to wait a bit, because I can’t find any time to edit all good stuff. For the stories and photo’s, this is it!

Viewpoint at Peek Nieves

Qui Qui beach hike

It wasn’t the best day weather wise so we decided to take advice from friends we made at the beach. Let’s do a five hour hike crossing a mountain of 660 meter in elevation 🙂
They told us we should take our time because it high and pretty steep. They also told us to be well prepared since there’s no water or food available. It was indeed pretty remote and it took us four and half hours back and forth. That’s excluded the time we spent at the beach which is absolutely gorgeous and worth the trip. These photo’s are taken by us and they show you how beautiful it was.

MTB trails
MTB trails

at three quarters and at the top!


Going downhill to the secret beach of Qui Qui


As a windsurfer I can say that Gran Canaria is a perfect place to windsurf IFFFF you’re not terrified of the gigantic waves crashing into the beach. Which I am! I had the option to go out and surf, but I choose not to because the wind was to powerful and the waves were to heavy for my spoiled ass. Instead I went to a surfrental and got myself a wave surfboard to play in the waves. Look at our faces, aren’t we happy being all exhausted.

cervezas and food

I love Spanish food and who doesn’t. On the Island how ever, food isn’t as good as the real Spanish menu. Introducing tapas was good, but no where near as good as my trip to Spain three years ago.
Still, we found one good place I want to recommend to you all. Tasca Galileo is a tiny restaurant near famous beach of Las Canteras. It has the best food for a realy good price. You have to be there at 8 pm. otherwhise it is full. We enjoyed tapas such as risotto, duck, carpaccio and cod. Staff is super friendly and their English is close to perfect.
Enjoy a good wine or beer, they have plenty..

In a couple of days my action cam video will be online! Make sure you’ll be ready for that.

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