Oh boy it’s snowing again in the Netherlands. During the week this always creates troubles for the people living in my country. On a normal day like this, the whole country is going mad. Our national train company the Dutch railways the NS they changed their schedule. We had a record during the evening traffic on the road (almost 2300km). All of this because of a few centimeters of snow. Lucky me I could arrange at my customer that I stayed at home today for work!?

Blog: Everyday life isn’t that normal here today ?

Now my social media channels are flooded with messages like, why can’t our government do something about this!?, Why can the trains ride on time in other countries, but our NS needs to change the schedule, why can’t our trains overcome 2cm of snow!? You read it very well I think, we Dutchies have one sport and it isn’t football where we are the reigning world-champion for decades. We Dutchies like to complain!

How come that we won’t hear this from other countries when they have meters of snow, like Austria? How come normal life can find its way while there are meters of snow outside?

Most important thing, those countries are prepared for these circumstances with meters of snow. Like when I was in Iceland, all the cars do have spikes in their tyres. People there didn’t go out without spikes under their shoes.
Everyone knows that the snow will come one day for sure, they are prepared and try to live with that.

NS and snowy weather
IA12 Arnhem
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In the Netherlands it is more unique. Tonight, I’ve seen a diagram in the news from the last 50 years or something. Where my parents had an average of 20 days of snow yearly when they were still kids. Nowadays the average is around 6 days of snow. So here it is becoming more and more unique. So why would we adapt normal life to these circumstances? We even have to remove the dust from the gritters I think…?

While all the people here in the Netherlands think I need to go to work, we have another problem. There are way too many people on our roads during peak-times in traffic in a very small country. Let me compare Austria with the Netherlands, the size of the country is more than twice that of the Netherlands, with half the people living in it.

Size 83.871 km² 41.543 km²
Residents 8.754.413 (2017) 17.084.719 (2017)

Any solution for the people in my country?

@dboontje already replied it to my reaction at the post of @exyle, that there is always a choice. I do agree @dboontje, all the people in the Netherlands have a choice. Are we going to complain or not. Let’s face it, we love to complain. My solution would be less complaining, because everything is so damn well arranged here. Those procurements from the NS are there to make sure that everything will be fine, otherwise the chaos would be probably way worse. Sorry for the Dutch saying, maar dan zijn de rapen zeker gaar (the hell breaks loose)!

No serious people, our habit complaining is part of the national character here. We Dutchies love to complain, ask anyone here and they won’t admit it, but I’m sure everyone likes it! And I love everyone doing it ?

PS. Yes tomorrow I’ll join all the people in traffic again ?


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