Yesterday I was working at home, Not doing this everyday but I needed to clear my head and my inbox ?
While having a lunchbreak I played along with the new app I recently discussed about, called Photopills.
I was looking at a function to see how the sun would go down for the golden hour and the specific angle it would have. I was looking at the shipwreck location nearby my home and at what time there the sunset would be. Photopills did mention me the right time and I checked the tide for today. Did seem that if the sun would come out and play the sunset would be perfect.

Well it turns out it was my lucky day! We finally had some sunshine again with a beautiful sunset. The light from the sun during sunset was shining over the shipwreck from the Captain James A. Duffy and creating a beautiful orange/yellow view. Wooah is this luck or simply arranging a beautiful image??

Captain James A. duffy

In the area Iā€™m living, there is a shipwreck and a lot of people are taking pictures from it nowadays. This is because of a popular bicycle track that is leading towards it. The wreck is in the formal safe harbor from Hansweert.

The captain James A. Duffy is a formal small tow. One of its owners has been the American army and they used it for war tasks, like cleaning mines or military transportations. The ship was completely build out of wood and after the army usage it was sold. If you want to read more about this wreck you can see my older post about it.

The picture for the contest

Would love to join this competition for week 11. @axeman thanks for creating this wonderful contest. Keep up the good work! ??

Photography: Sunset over the Captain James A. Duffy ā€“ A competition by @axeman ?
Sunset over the Captain James A. Duffy

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