I’ve been to this restaurant in 2018 two times. Is that a good sign? Yes it is! The restaurant itself was already a long time on my list to visit sometime but it is quite expensive. Way above my average rate to go for just a dinner. So last summer I got a present from my work, because I did celebrate my 10th birthday for the company. So, they gave me a voucher for a dinner. I could have gone together with my girlfriend but I decided to share it with my friends and our girls. I said I really wanted to go and try out a BBQ restaurant in Rotterdam, called the Meatcave, and I would love to go with them and I would donate my voucher.
They all wanted to go and try this restaurant after showing them some pictures.

STEEM Food Tours #45 : Meatcave – Rotterdam

The concept

The first time Meatcave felt really special for me. Finally, a decent BBQ restaurant with some famous chefs in the Netherlands. The chefs are Robert Lobensteijn & Leonard Elenbaas. Those chefs also arrange the demo events from Big Green Egg itself. They even got some famous chefs cooking on the Egg. They introduced cooking on the BBQ with names as Jonnie Boer and Herman den Blijker.

The concept the chefs in the Meatcave work with is simple! They want their customers to enjoy quality food. The people really need to have the feeling they are going out that night. They have no card where you can pick a course from. They will surprise you, and the only choice you have is the amount of courses you will eat that night. And believe me, let the chefs spoil you. You can choose for meat or vegetarian so yes even a vegetarian can have a perfect night out in this restaurant. You also have the choice to mention any diets you have (I don’t eat cheese, so I mentioned that while I did make my reservation). And here comes the service tag, the day itself they called me, to ask if we were looking forward to our night out and if there were any changes to the diet and the amount of people we reserved for. Nothing changed so let’s start this night out!

Restaurant overview The kitchen

Let’s go

We entered the restaurant and they showed us our places. They handed out the card… wait a minute you just mentioned there was no card? That’s right this card is only for the drinks. But you can even let them choose the drink you have combined with the course. Fun fact here, this is a handwritten book! They gave us some options for wines and beers. Too bad they only had one alcohol free version, but it was a damn good one (Jever)!


They explain the concept while they serve your drinks. The concept is like I mentioned above, you have the choice for a three-course dinner and after every round they come and ask if you want another round extra, till seven and sometimes even nine rounds! After every course they ask if you want another appetizer till you say you would like the main course served. And after the main course of course dessert!

The chefs in the Meatcave prepare everything on the Egg, and I think this is quite a unique concept. Why? Because normally a restaurant uses a BBQ (Egg) only for certain (parts) from courses and not for everything served. The courses aren’t small, but course they really thought about from the start till the end. They try to surprise their guests with unexpected combinations of food and classic courses with a twist. And isn’t that the definition of a night out, that you want to be surprised?

The chefs only use the best materials, only excellent quality and because they work really specific for everyone, and they only serve their menu without a card, they almost don’t spoil any food that they need to throw away.


And yes I really had great night out. From the first night I have no pictures because I was really surprised by all the food. The second time I was prepared, and I grabbed my phone with every course. But I do think you better leave your phone behind when going for a night out. Yes that’s right a night without Steem is possible 😉

Another time, same place

The second time I got here for my Christmas dinner with my family. We got here the weekend before Christmas, because the boyfriend of my sister had to work during the Holidays. Place sold out again and the same treatment as the last time, just perfect! Only a totally different menu. Too bad we had the same chef. Too bad, well because I’ve chatted in the kitchen the first time I was here with the chef, and he showed me some of his BBQ tricks. I asked him for example how he could prepare dinner for so many people with that quality. But also, about the different styles from the chefs and the menu creation every week. Every week another chef creates the menu, and all the other chefs will prepare that menu during the week. I was interested to hear from another chef how he does his tricks behind the Eggs. A good thing the chef still remembered me, he really scored points with that!



Both nights we had an awesome dinner, great food, great ambiance and a lot of inspiration for my own cooking on the Egg. It is really a lot of fun to explore these types of special restaurants. Think I’ll return soon once Steem prices go up ?. Really had a lot of fun both nights!

@dboontje you were here with me the first time, how did you experience this restaurant? Thanks for being there with me, celebrating my anniversary ?

Restaurant information


Eendrachtsweg 27B SO
+31 (0)6 298 96 237



Openings hours

Daily from 18.00

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