Steem Meet-up in Rotterdam and Photografic Expedition

It was a shame I couldn’t go to Steemfest. I’ve been told I missed a lot. Lots of quality information, inspiring people and most of all: The real faces of a person I’ve been chatting with for weeks. This time @guchtere and @soyrosa invited me to a meetup in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
A meeting for Dutchies and anyone else capable of coming to Holland. The invitation was set for 15:00 o’clock so @guchtere and I decided to make it a full day and leave early for a nice day with our camera’s.

Rotterdam in the afternoon

We arrived somewhere around noon and the wheather learned us it wasn’t going to be a sunny day. A boring grey sky gave the concrete buildings an even less interesting look. Architecture is definitely not my style, but the afternoon promised to ask my full imagination and creativity to shoot a photo. After walking for many km’s and many attempts I can say that have exactly one photo I’m half proud of… The night turned out to be a lot better (see R’dam by night).

MTB trails
MTB trails

Meet up

With even more rain to come, we planned our route to the bar where we’d meet with all the other Steemians @exyle, @s3rg3, @soyrosa, @brittandjosie (thanks for the photo’s), @pundito, @hans001, @tonyz, @arcange, @detlev, @route-m-d and @buzzbeergeek.
I had a great time where I heard about the stories of a young couple from Poland traveling all over the world but choose to live in the Netherlands for half a year. And I had a beer recommendation for the famous @detlev which he loved. St. Bernardus Tripel. I haven’t spoken to everyone unfortunately, but I’ll promise I make it up to the rest of you another time


Thanks for the good times and thanks for organising @soyrosa. See you all next time.

R’dam by night

To complete our day we still had to find a good spot to shoot photo’s. When in the dark, my favorite style of photography comes in hand, longexposure. For this I don’t want to spent any words. Just take a look and let me know what you think. O and know that I can handle critism very well. With feedback I hope to become a better photographer every time.

@guchtere having fun at night

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