So the #travelphotocontest is all about “people in the city”.

I did not have many photo’s of people who aren’t really posing for the photo.
In fact, I have several photo’s who represent the city Amsterdam or who are just gorgeous because om themselves. How ever, seeing the shots other contenders made, I felt like doing something else. “Out of the box” so to say.

Amsterdam has the City Light Festival held every year. That is where @guchtere and I saw this piece of art. To be honest, I forgot to check their privacy rights because I didn’t ask them if I’m allowed to post the photo, but I think I’m ok. O and no redlight district to be found in the photo. Rules are rules..

Template Dennis surf

Info Number
Diafragma F10
ISO 200
Shutter 4.0 sec
Location Amsterdam

Thanks to @lightcaptured for creating this contest.

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