Hello Steemians we’re on our way to New Zealand. At the moment we have a stopover in China, to be exact in Ghanzou (Canton). Had my first flight ever with China Southern and till now it’s pretty awesome!

The flight itself was comfortable with enough room for your legs. For a flight meal the food was above expectations. We had three proper meals. Plenty of drinks. Only downside… coffee with pre-added milk and sugar?

Entertainment was fine with a good screen, plenty of movies, series, music and games.

Now at our stop in China i feel treated like a king. To make sure we have a pleasant stop-over we had a tour through the city with a free chinese lunch. Food kept coming, I know at the picture the plate looks a little empty but was busy trying all those new tastes.? after that back to the airporr and a new transfer guy showed up to bring us to a hotel so we could shower and some sleep.

Now in a luxoury hotel with pool. Didn’t check that one yet but luckily I brought my swimminggear in my daypack. After swimming we will take a shower and continue our trip. Another guy will bring us back to the airport??