*Wind, grey clouds in the sky and a black beach. This spot wasn’t asking for lots of color in a photo.
Iceland has so much beauty to offer in so many ways. @guchtere, @smalltall and I spent quite some time at this beach to check out what kind of dark scenes this day had to offer.

Travel photo contest

I want to use this photo in the travel contest from @lightcaputered. Spread the word and show him your best shots!
This huge rock piramide you see in the photo below was posing for me, but wind made it difficult to get a good photo. This long exposure photo was in between gusts and it turned out amazing. I had this photo printed on photopaper and it is now applying for a spot in my home.

Mystery beach

Giving all at the Travel Photo Contest, Edition #3 – Black and White

Info Number
Diafragma F7.1
ISO 200
Shutter 10.0 sec
Location Iceland


For those who have no experience with long exposure photo’s, make sure you have a tripod at all times. No matter how cool, or living statue you are. There will always be some sort of motion in your photo. Set your camera on BULB mode so you can decide when to open en close your shutter.
And last but not least, use a remote to avoid the smallest mistakes.

Showing more of my longexposure photos:

Thanks to @lightcaptured for creating this contest.

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