Exactly four years ago me and the boys went on a trip to Iceland. It is hard to discover it already has been that long since we had one of the best trips of our lives. What happend there has been described enough, but for sure it has been to long and that’s why we packed the car to the Ardennes, Belgium.

If you’ve seen my latest videos you know that camera’s were the main focus this trip. Two DSLR camera’s, two GoPro’s and Two drones slibt in our luggage not by accident. With this post I want to show you what we did with our artificial lenses and I want to ask you to give me feedback on the photo’s. Which one do you like? Is there a photo you don’t like? Do you miss certain aspects or do you have any tips? Let us know!

Travel: Photography in the Ardennes

MTB trails
MTB trails

Beautiful animals

These cows were close to our campsite and it was the first thing I saw that I wanted to get in front of my lens. My gf and I always wanted to have a huge Scottish Highlander (first photo) on canvas in our kitchen. In my opinion, the first photo is an absolute stunner. It took me over a hundred photo’s to get this simple looking picture.

This the car which took us to the Ardennes. Normally I’d start with photo but I wanted a different pic as my thumbnail. The car was packed with luxery. I had no troubles fitting all my gear and clothes into a large duffle bag. My travelbuddies @smalltall and @guchtere had a different opinion giving the fact that one of them brought five pair of shoes. 🙂 anyways…
Back to the photography


As you’ve seen before, best falls are waterfalls. Going to the forests with all this waterflows is a wet dream for a photographer with a tripod and a ND filter. It took Toby hundreds of pages in his book to stay patient. I hope you like the result of our trip and don’t forget to follow my buddies @guchtere and @smalltall.

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