Last night we found a camp spot while it was getting dark. We were sure it was at the water line but not what our view would be this morning. Well I can tell by now that was a pleasant view. Just imagine You, your cup of coffee and a view like this!


No sun this morning but even the wind is gone. So time for a hot ‘n cold dipping. First waking up with the hot coffee, then the final touch with a cold skinny dip. Perfect wake up call. Thought I would need it because of waiting lines etc while onboarding for the ferry. Boy would I’ve known before, I would ship another day!


From the place we camped it was a 1 hour drive back to the Blue Bridge ferries. While driving back we took some stops (again.. 😛 ) to enjoy the views along the fjords.

Our roads crossed again with a black tree completely covered with wasps. Anyone already got an idea what happened to those trees?

We arrived in Picton way to early, so we could wander around the town a bit. Fun part was we found a Dutch bakery! We didn’t prepare anything for lunch so easy choice Dutch lunch off course.

We could eat our Dutch sandwiches and carrot cake outside on a few picnic benches. Our stomachs filled we continued wandering, like real tourist gift shop in and out. My girlfriend is hunting for a gift. It’s for friends of her who are getting married in a couple of weeks. She wants to give them something from New Zealand because they’re honeymoon will take them to here. Result for the gift chase today is… failed! No funny kiwi gifts here. You guys have any ideas?

Ferry adventure

Boarding for the ferry took us a while.. (already expecting it, but not this reason). There was a fire or something in the harbor. Firefighters perform extinguishing activities and policemen blocked some roads. We could get till the gate from the ferry but they locked the gate as well. So the result was a nice traffic jam outside the gates lol.

While waiting, I crawled in the back of our van and started doing some of my excersices for my back, to kill the waiting time. Told you not a very exciting day today. ?
After a while we could finally check-in for boarding and while waiting in the line we got a chat with an employee. He was asking us if we could clean our shoes before entering any areas on the north island. Because of some waterbacteria or something. Don’t know the exact thing anymore. But the Kiwi went in his younger years to Europe to live the van life. So he had some funny stories about beer and woman. Both chasing them, cold cheap beer and hot woman for the night! None of the girls stayed for long. After a few years wandering they returned. He met his wife while he just got home from his adventure and he’s still happy with her after 35 years. Lovely isn’t it? Sounds like my Iceland adventure. ?

Once we boarded we sailed out of the harbour. My girlfriend wanted to stay out she was hoping to see some dolphins. Those are still on her list to see during our trip. Too bad for her all those hours waiting and waiting in the cold upstairs, but same as the kiwi gift, no dolphins. ? At least we got some sunshine!

North Island

While we arrived at Wellington it already turned dark. So we decided to drive instantly to the area we wanted to chek out tomorrow. The area around Lake Taupo, and hoping for some good weather to do a part of the Tongariro crossing or climb Mount Ngarahoe.
While on the road we decided to get a take away in the good old tradition we already learned here from the kiwi’s. Who isn’t loving those takeaways? @valderrama you would love this country! Ok except for the caves perhaps ?

We ended at the parking from the national army museum in Waiouru. Don’t know the view yet while we wake up, but don’t expect a good one. This camp spot is even guarded, they’re wandering around the terrain. Safe dreams for tonight all!