The woman we met during our walk back to our bikes at the starting point of Vintgar Gorge mentioned Debela Pec (pronounced as Debela petch and it means fat crag) as a must do hike for us. Why? Because it ain’t that crowded, and you got some stunning views at Triglav. This is the highest mountain of Slovenia and very touristic. So we decided to go for this hike instead of the Triglav one ?.

Travel: The best views comes after the hardest climbs ⛰️

We started the hike to one of the friendliest peaks of the Julian Alps starts in the forests at the parking of a sports hotel at the Pokljuka Plateau.

Debela Pec

Some facts for the hike from today.
Length 14km
Height 2015m

Debele Pec


Let’s wander

The start from our hike today wasn’t promising… my drone app at my phone was removed… so I couldn’t fly through this area although the weather was perfect! So little bit disappointed at first, but then the colors of autumn grabbed my attention and I enjoyed them while taking some pictures along the route.


The first part wasn’t the best with lots of loose rocks at the path. During the hike we crossed a hut with a nice view and a green grass valley. From this point it got better and better (although the loose rocks never disappeared). At the hut you’ll spot a bench, right behind it the trail continues just follow the blazes while climbing up through the forest. The forest will end up in a grassy field and the trail will continue with some more elevation till the trail opens up in the north. Here we did have a simple lunch break. To enjoy the view while sitting on some rocks sheltered from the cold wind while sunbathing.


The trail will continue somewhere on the right, just follow the pines and you’ll be alright. Yes there is also a pathway to the left, this leads to Brda. But the path through the pine forest will descent first in a small valley. For the dessert you’ll need to conquer one small climb to get there at the Debela Pec top.

The whole hike ain’t that difficult, it was a good training for me. Once you reached the top you can enjoy the view first (like doh ?) but then you can choose to make a small loop or return the way you came.

The woman promised us some stunning views at mount Triglav and she was right! At the top you can see Triglav but also Rjavins and Krms valley. This is a first-class panoramic view for sure. This mountain is the most eastern 2000m top from the Julian Alps.


Triglav National Park

All these beautiful views you can find in this national park called Triglav National Park. It is one of the oldest national parks in Europe. The unspoiled nature is protected here and the people of Slovenia try to keep it like that. The stunning attraction of the park is of course mount Triglav with his top at 2864m height. I believe every person living in Slovenia needs to climb to this top otherwise he or she won’t be a real Slovenian citizen. Did I understand that correct @oldtimer, @kid4life and @zorank? The Triglav is also visible at the national flag in the upper left part ??.

The National Park itself isn’t that “huge”, it is approximately 840 square kilometers and it’s located in the north west part of Slovenia.


Slovenia mountainview

Slovenia mountainview

On our way back ?️

While walking back to our car my girlfriend spotted a fox playing in the sun. We enjoyed this for a while until he discovered us and disappeared in the forest. There should be more wildlife in this area, but we didn’t spot it. But there should be also bears and lynx. Talking about animals, on my way to the top, there was a dark brown/black animal crossing my path. It was very fast so I couldn’t identify what it was. It had short legs (small dog size). Does anyone know what it could have been?

Another funny thing we did found on our way back to the car is a fairy ring of mushrooms. Is there in Slovenia a myth for these? I only found a myth talking about Zlatorog, a white capricorn with golden horns. This magical creature should be living in a garden at the top of mount Triglav. He should be guarding a treasure. But we didn’t found it… ?

Slovenia fox playing
Slovenia new and old trees
Slovenia fairy ring

Coffee surprises

At the way back to the campsite we entered a McDonald’s restaurant for the wifi to download the app for my drone again ?. (Thanks Apple for re-enabling the feature removal of applications, after upgrading to the latest IOS. No actually I felt quite stupid ?). This McDonald’s surprised us with a really nice atmosphere. They did have a pretty good coffee part with cakes, coffee etc. So we enjoyed some sweet cakes and coffee while downloading the DJI app ?.

Finally, back at the campsite I was wasted. We had a quick meal and I was out ?.

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