Goodmorning all, today we woke up at the beach again and the temperature was way better while sleeping compared to last night. We woke up with a nice and warm sunrise. Coffee in the hand sitting on a tree watching the ocean with the sound of some waves and birds what else do you need!? Ok maybe a surfboard ?

Today we have an drive ahead of us which is quite fun. It’s a winding 42km mostly gravel road from Raringi beach to Picton called called Port Underwood Road Beach Coves Drive. This is kinda a slow drive make no mistakes about that. I think most people who are in a hurry to get in time for the ferry don’t drive this road. We visited some intimate coves along the road and rising up to skirt the headlands in between. Beautiful sights, but didn’t always had the time to take a proper look because I needed to keep the van on the track!

The first bay we enter is called Whites Bay, we took some time to enjoy the views here (spotted a ferry ?) and went on because the track is calling adventuretime!

Next bay is called Robin Hood (yeah what a name love it!) This is a real sandy bay, maybe the sandiest one we’ve seen today.

Guess what we found another cove along the road called Bob Canes Bay and after that one another Ocean Bay but these where nothing special. Some picnic tables but missing real views. The last bay was more off the same it’s called Oyster Bay from here we had one steep climb over the hill to the Sounds. Our next winding road we’ll follow in the search for a campingspot with some views before we’ll leave the South Island tomorrow.

And after the hill we arrived in Picton. We could already see where we’re shipping out tomorrow. But we left Picton immediately behind us to continue with the Queen Charlotte Sound road from Linkwater heading north all the way up to the narrow neck of land between Queen Charlotte and K Sounds. After a tip we found a hidden beach here, but I know now why it is still hidden. Maybe it is fun with hightide but low no fun at all. Rocky sand beach and sharp shelves. But the entrance is quit ok, small rock formation with beaches on both sides. So you can always find a good spot out of the wind/sun, but again high tide only ?

But way further along these winding road we found another treasure, at least I think it is. A shipwreck stranded on the beach. It is called Amokura . They left the ship here around 1889 scuttled and it rusted away ever since. You can see the wreckage from the road but no public signs about it. So we climbed our way down (lucky for us it was low tide now) so we didn’t have to go through people they’re backyards. While walking over the “beach” one of the residents started talking to us. 25 years ago a lot of tourist came here for the wreck but nowadays they don’t see anyone anymore. And I think 25 years ago there has to be a lot more wreck to explore then nowadays but it is still fun. Reminds me of home where we have a wreck as well. I don’t know what it is but is a pirate thing that comes through my mind while exploring this wreck. Although it’s far from a Pirate ship ? But we could even sling here on a rope. For rope swinging it was a bummer that we had low tide… No splash for us. ?

While driving back we’ve met this little punky, he was kinda curious if we had some food with us. ?

Allthough we didn’t have any food, he still kinda liked us I think! ?

Best part of the day was the steep climp up the Onahau hilltop. Good views from the top around the fjords. While climbing up there was one tree can’t explain what happened to it, someone of you can? It was totally Black and the wasps seems to like it a lot. Why has the tree this color and why do the wasps like it that much?

Another positive point about this spot, no drone signs warning not to fly here! Guess what I did ? Beautiful to see the sun for a few minutes coming through the clouds just for sunset up this high. So we climbed upon the picnic table there and enjoyed the stunning 360 degrees views of this abandoned hilltop.

After a while we climbed down because we still needed to find a perfect spot to stay for the night. So we started driving again after walking back to the van. We were lucky again after a few kilometers we found a nice spot right at the water. But we couldn’t see anything so the view had to wait till the morning.

Seeya! ?