Tropical zoo in Lange Weegje

When you don’t live in a tropical country like myself. Where five days of heat (25 degrees celcius) is called a heatwave. Where people start massaging themselves with sunscreen as soon as they can where a t-shirt. Where pools and beaches are covered with German tourists before they’re open and where we wear sunglasses indoors because “have you seen the sun ever this strong?”
That’s when it is a perfect plan to visit a tropical zoo in your own country.


The idea wasn’t just because we wanted to see something different then our everyday life. It was because we had to celebrate a few things. My grandfather who is still going strong just turned 83 and my younger sister is now 27. A big hooray to them! On top of all that it was Christmas. What a great time to come together with the family to celebrate life and open some gifts! Thanks to myself we are now visiting a classical musical concert near our place of birth together with my grandparents. The look on their faces when we told them we booked tickets for the four of us was truly amazing.

But why a zoo? Well, it is not as big as it may sound. Actually this zoo is made for the smaller animals such as butterflies and a variaty of birds and reptiles. Also this place has a restaurant included where lunch or a high tea is served. For me, this tropical zoo is a spot to test my lens I bought last summer. That is why I want to show off a few photo’s of this place.

Tropical animals

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These parrots were a little harder to get on camera as I hoped for. Colors were not as catchy as I thought it would be and for some reason these creatures didn’t like to sit still. Together they ruled the main entrance of the zoo. With subtle smoothness to the visitors and lots of screaming they showed us why we had to look at them. When I pointed at butterfly sitting on a branch the Parrot said things like “Here, hi, here”

Butterflies were the first thing they focussed on. In fact, when this zoo originally opened it was called “The Butterfly Garden” which it still is. But since a couple of years they started growing and now children can run around exploring a small waterpark and come face to face with spiders, snakes and small monkeys.

Like I said before. It is hard to understand that such beauty is growing and alive in the Netherlands. The moisty warmth and beautiful decoration make it worth a trip to this special place.
Unfortunately I didn’t spent my time well enough because there’s a few more things to see. Dinosaurs and really old mammals have their own room. Not to worry, there’s not a real mammoth or T-rex to pet, but you’ll see how they lived ages ago. I promised my grandmother to make some photo’s of my grandfather and her. Allthough she’s a beautiful women, she’s not a model who’s satified with just a normal photo. That’s why it took a little more time to spent with the family instead of @trexxie (I’m sorry, I had to mention you). Take a look and imagine this in a spot no larger then two football field (my best guess).


Now normally speaking I’m not the biggest fan of animals living in captivity, but this tropical zoo is mainly focussed on either helping animals or educate (young) people. I noticed that the children running around were extremely interested in the things they showed and the stories that were told.
Hopefully atleast one of these youngsters will be an veterinarian later when they grow up.

MTB trails
MTB trails

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