As we’ve mentioned in our previous post, smalltall are leaving The Netherlands and heading to the other side of the world to try out life in Tasmania, Australia!

While this is super exciting and we can’t wait to see what adventures Tasmania has in store for us, it does mean saying goodbye to our home here, the life we’ve built together and all the people that are important to us on this side of the world. It’s tough!

In the past week we’ve said goodbye to our beautiful home that so much hard work has gone into, neighbours that welcomed us into the community, friends who we love and will dearly miss and, finally, yesterday we left the region that has been Small’s only Dutch home and Tall’s home for the past 6 years:



We’re spending the last few days before we fly at Tall’s parents’ place which will allow us some quality time with family and a much needed rest before the final move. It’s so bizare to have nothing to do after months and months of preparation!

Today we spent some time looking back and reminscing of our time in Walcheren and have picked a few photos that show a little bit of what we loved of Walcheren in Zeeland, The Netherlands.






While these photos only scratch the surface of the past 3.5 years, they represent some of our fondest memories and places in our little island home.

Thank you Walcheren for the beaches where we relaxed, the water that was always present (in so many forms!), the sheep in their urban settings, the grasses and trees for showing the seasons, the boats for providing entertainment better than people watching, the wind which Small hated and Tall loved, the windmills that always stood in the background and the sunsets for being some of the best either of us have ever seen. We will miss you.

But now…time for the next adventure!