The Long Neck village of Northern Thailand.

A few years ago I (Small) spent some time in Thailand on the way back to Australia from a year long trip. I totally fell in love with Chiang Mai with it’s misty mountains and wealth of culture. One of the most unique things I did while in Chiang Mai was visit the Kayan Tribe. The tribe’s home is nestled between rice paddies and pineapple farms, surrounded by picturesque scenes of waterbuffalos and mountains.

It’s incredibly peaceful!

The Kayan people originally came from Burma, escaping poverty and violence in their own country seeking refuge in the North of Thailand. Because of this, Burma and Northern Thailand are the only places in the world where you can see them. What makes them special is their women who adorn their necks and legs with golden rings. For every year from when they are 5 until they are 21, they add a golden ring to their necks – the longer the neck the more beautiful the woman.