This week Smalltall undertook the very long journey from their home in The Netherlands to their new home in Tasmania, Australia. 36 hours from door to door…wayyyy too long!

But we made it and 2 days after landing we are starting to feel somewhat back to normal.

We flew Emirates with a stopover in Dubai and in Melbourne which meant we flew most of the way on the Airbus A380. If any of you have ever flown on this aeroplane you’ll know how huge it is. In fact it’s the largest passenger aeroplane ever built. It has something like 600 seats and we reckon every one of those seats was full on the long journey to Australia! Man was it busy!

After 13 hours on this beast of an aeroplane we were pretty happy to get off and make our way through customs and into the domestic airport in Melbourne. Everything felt so much more relaxed and casual as we waited to board for the final leg of our journey to Tasmania. We walked onto the tarmac with a handful of other passengers, had a chat with the ground crew and laughed ourselves silly when we saw the aeroplane that would take us to our final destination…


After the big Airbus this plane looked like a kids toy! For Tall, it kind of felt like one too. After hunching through the main door, stooping along the aisle and squeezing into his seat, it was very clear that this little plane was not made for the likes of Tall.

Tas flight 01
Tas flight 02

Small, on the other hand, loved every minute as we flew over the Bass Strait and caught the first glimpses of their new island home (and Small’s old home) Tasmania! Stunning even from below the wing of a tiny shaking aeroplane.


Follow us to keep up with our Tasmanian adventures – we’ve already got a wish list of some of the more undiscovered spots on the island…can’t wait!