Experience an unforgettable adventure this winter during the very first edition of Light Safari in Safari Park Beekse Bergen. As the animals retreat to their shelters for the night, a beautiful rainbow of luminous animals, flowers and plants come to life along the walking safari. Don’t miss this unique event!

My grandparents are still very much alive and last december we celebrated my grandpa’s 88th birthday.
My sister and I wanted to do something they have never experienced before and this was we came up with… “A light Safari”

Spoiler alert! If you’re still planning to visit STOP looking at this great post right now!

Let me take you on a trip to Safari park Beekse Bergen where you can see all kinds of animals as if in a Zoo, but more spacious. This winter you can visit the specially designed Light Safari. Since the dark comes early in our winter, you can visit the 1.8km light safari from 17:00 o’clock making it perfect for young children to visit.
These photo’s are taken with my phone. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to use my DSLR.

I hope you can see the variaty of animals they showed. All the colors that appeared when the dark came is truely amazing.

Light Safari can be admired from December 7, 2023 to February 25, 2024 on Thursday to Sunday evenings from 5:00 PM to 9:30 PM. You can visit Light Safari every evening during the Christmas holidays (December 23 to January 7) and the spring holidays (February 10 to 25).

A map of the route can be found with this link right here:

Make sure you visit all twelve color zones and keep in mind that the real animals are not to be seen. That is restricted to daylight time.


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