January, the first month of my monthly challenge which I created to keep me motivated while working on my photography. I picked some random subjects and the subject for January was called “A sound you heard”.

Photography: Challenge of January – A sound you heard ?

Sounds you love

First, I had the idea to capture the sounds I do love the most, but then again like mentioned before I would end up with another sunset at the ocean, or a bird flying over the ocean. You know these simple little things always sound perfect. A bit of wind blowing through your hair, the bird screaming to its fellow birds that it is so much fun gliding through the air. I have to admit, a stunning sunset with a rough ocean with some smashing waves probably could have worked for me. But the weather gods weren’t with me so after my Captain James A. Duffy shipwreck sunset, there wasn’t a timeslot where I was near the ocean combined with a beautiful sunset. January was kind of grey for me…

Sound of fractals

Then I found this great little program that turns pictures into sounds. I considered this to be my concept for the January theme. But I soon found out that the key thing for some proper sounds are repeating patterns/lines in your pictures. I just couldn’t find those lines that would deliver me some nice sounding pictures…

Source: Photosounder

Audio equipment

I kept on thinking what can I do to make my challenge work this month? So, I started thinking about photography inside my house, another thing with sound I’d love is listening to music. Easy you would think, what about some closeups from the equipment you’re listening to? Well I did and I wasn’t happy with the results…


Me time

Then I started to realize the thing that I do love the most while listening to my music. I’d love to be on my own. What sound do I like the most while I’m listening on my own? Of course, Me myself and I! I started to think about how I could visualize the way I’d love to listen music. A regular Friday night looks like this for me. Install myself in front of my loudspeakers with my vinyl gathered around me. In the meantime I’m looking at the sleeve from the record I’m listening to at that moment. Sometimes I’m analyzing the music, sometimes just enjoying a specific genre while reading a book. But most of the times alone and arguing with my own self. The idea for the picture was born there!

January challenge: A sound you heard

The picture might be not the best out there, but for me it was the conceptual challenge to create a picture I wouldn’t create normally. What do you think, did I pass the January challenge?

PS. As you might have heard, I’m not 100% healthy at the moment. A reply at a comment can take a while. Sorry in advance for that… ?

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