Just a quick note about our brand new emblem.

It’s been on the to-do list for a while now but there always seemed to be something more important to do (even if that was sometimes a movie on the couch). Finally I (Small) had a quiet evening to play around with creating an emblem that would represent us here on steemit.

I have a freelance design company on the side of my day job with which I sometimes get graphic design projects. I especially love the assignments that require me to create a brand’s identity from scratch…such a fun creative process! I played around in Adobe Photoshop’s sketch filters with a photo of us to achieve the graphic on our emblem. I will admit that I am wearing heals in this photo so our height difference is a little subtler than usual ;).

I haven’t really used any of Photoshop’s funner functions since I was an architectural student but the process is exactly the same – lose track of the time completely and end up doing something entirely different than planned xD.

Anyway, for now – this is it! What do you guys think?