This post is long overdue but don’t you think it is Squirrel-time anytime? This time me and the photoclub went to a small hut in the woods with tiny windows facing a paradise for squirrels.

Let me start with a small disclaimer. No animals were hurt or manipulated for this shoot. All food that has been dropped is natural and not more than any animal can handle.

Before you take a look at the rest of the photo’s, I’ll tell you what you see. In a small hut in a nature reserve people like myself are able to hire a morning with these animals. All is closely watched with camera’s as we aren’t allowed to get out or scare the animals during our stay. Meanwhile all we need to do is set up our camera’s, sit still and be lucky. And lucky we were:

I especially like the green moss which completes the scenery in the early morning


Same old new
Same old new
Same old new

There were’nt only squirrels. Lot’s of small birds gave us a visit. But this one was more special then any other. Feel free to ask me about it.

Please let me know what your think!
It means the world to me.

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